【One Object to Hype Up your IWatch】
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One Object to Hype Up your IWatch!

TGVi’S VIBRANT Series for IWATCH is here!

Exclusive design for fashionable crowds

With highly elastic and breathable material

Are you ready for this color blocking high profile?

Come and check out all four options!


The 2019/2020 popular green color is definitely on the list. Matching with lighter green gives the whole look a summer feel!


The combination of dynamic purple and romantic pink is the dream combo for all the ladies!


Mixing different tones of black is the secret to get rid of the rigidness of the classic black. Recommend this color to cool users with minimalist taste.


4、Glow Green

No one can escape the glow green charm! One refreshing accessory to level up your general look!

TGVIS VIBRANT Series has developed into different collections covering iPhone cases /Samsung cases /IWatch band!